Adventures in Singapore02
March 31, 2015 |
Malaysia’s inextricably linked sibling and southern neighbour, Singapore is a magnet for tourists from around the world. Editor Chad Merchant dons his travel bag and makes the short trip to the region’s powerhouse island, the little red dot of Singapore.
Service Charge in Malaysian Restaurants
March 30, 2015 |
Tipping isn’t customary in Malaysia, but in some restaurants, a rather questionable service charge sure seems to be. Editor Chad Merchant takes a closer look at this practice and wonders just who’s really getting served.
The Expat Mingle at Novi Jazz
March 25, 2015 |
Another rainy evening in the city ensured a late start to our latest Expat Mingle, but once a couple of dozen minglers made their way to Novi Jazz in Damansara Perdana, the evening got going with some of the best food we’ve seen in awhile.
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