Talented Indonesian photographer Rusdi Sanad shares with us here a captivating photo essay of Bali as seen through his eyes.
Here are suggestions on six places you can take your kids to in KL.
If you are yearning to get more from your holiday, explore these places that still remain off the beaten track - for now, at least – and answer the adventurous calling within you.
Go exploring on a multi-destination adventure with Paula Tan as she wanders around in Peninsular Malaysia’s largest state, Pahang.
Here are a few of Ipoh’s Hall of Fame dwellers.
Take an eye-opening trip to Jakarta and beyond, and discover some choice refuges of enjoyment and serenity in and around this sprawling and chaotic Southeast Asian city.
A book review of "Home-baked Breads" by Ezekiel Ananthan.
Editor Chad Merchant and Cultural Savvy President Joyce Millet offer a comprehensive look at Chinese etiquette and how it influences business dealings in Malaysia every day.
We've learned from a police source that there has been a new carjacking scheme occurring in KL, which involves returning your license plate under the guise that it fell off.
Check these 10 awesome works of art by Hong Yi, a Malaysian-Chinese artist.
Forget about getting on a plane or taking a boat. Island hopping in a car can be fun!
Editor Chad Merchant recently interviewed Superintendent of Police Choo Lily, a long-time officer with the Royal Malaysian Police who now heads up the International Liaison Unit.
Though not as firmly set on the tourist trail as the islands of Bali and Java, Sulawesi remains one of Indonesia’s most fascinating destinations. Petra O’Neill pays a visit and explores Sulawesi’s wild frontier.
Learn more about Malaysia's National Tennis Centre.
What are some of the popular activities you can partake in, in Malacca? Here are 10 you should check out.
Mainstream media in Malaysia has found a new degree of journalistic freedom in recent years, though it’s by no means on par with the freedom of the press enjoyed (and perhaps taken for granted) in most Western countries.
We have seen an increasing number of expats expressing concern about the tightening regulations on foreigners buying property here. Malaysia used to have very liberal rules, but that has changed.
Ed Sheeran is coming to Malaysia next year!
The Expat Group has a position open in the editorial department for its print publications.
Want to see who you're sharing this foreign land with? Get acquainted with this expat from New Zealand.
There’s a new way to find out more about KL and what your friends say about this city.
Free talk and lunch exclusively for The Expat readers. [Sponsored]
In a recent finding by Pew Research Center, 32% of Malaysians cited religious and ethnic hatred as a top global threat.

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