Hidden in plain sight, the laid-back island of Langkawi is home to a UNESCO treasure of inestimable wonder.
Take a walk on the wild side with photojournalist David Bowden and journey into the captivating depths of Malaysia's largest rainforest enclave, a protected jungle teeming with biodiversity, interesting sights and sounds, and memories to last a lifetime.
Andy Davison reveals the results of the recent survey The Expat Group conducted to gather resident expats' views on corruption in Malaysia. Our first survey on this subject was conducted in 2010, with a follow-up effort completed last year.
Malaysia has made serious strides when it comes to expat-friendly grocery shopping. Don't you think so?
Penang is famous for its street food but it's not globally predictable like fast food. You have to have inside knowledge, to discover the best places to eat. Penang Insider Ronni Pinsler shares some of his favourite local dishes and lets us in on the best places in Penang to savour them.
American author, Barbara Ismail, who spent several years in Kelantan, on Malaysia's east coast, in the 1970s, has published the second book in her Kain Songket mystery series. "Princess Play."
Over the last century, Tibet has attracted adventurers and those seeking spirituality. With her husband and three children, Michele Chan-Thomson set off to learn first-hand about this remote area and its people.
Among Malaysia's most charming cities, Melaka is awash in fascinating history, as well. Travel photojournalist David Bowden pokes around on a walking tour of Melaka's heritage area and discovers that there is much to learn and much to enjoy.
Passion can encourage a person to go beyond expectations and the Petaling Jaya-born designer behind Variante is living proof of this. Read on to find out more.
Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) recently held a Japanese-themed Cultural Festival to welcome the addition of Kirin Ichiban, Japan's No.1 100% Malt beer to its iconic portfolio.
President Barack Obama will be travelling in The Beast when in Malaysia.
Petaling Jaya's beloved Jaya Supermarket will reopen its doors on the 28th of April after being closed for redevelopment since 2009.
The government in Johor has waived the yearly membership fee at 74 public libraries in Johor to encourage more Johoreans to read.
The KL International Book Fair (KLIBF) returns for the 33rd time this April!

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